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Stock Market Crash of 2008: Implications for Investors

October 17th, 2008 by Madelaine Eppenstein

Investor Alert: The stock market crash this year has taken its toll on the investing public. If you have lost a substantial portion of your life savings or your portfolio, including common stock, mutual funds, annuities, options or bonds, because of an unscrupulous broker who breaks the rules, a hedge fund, advisory firm or other investment company, you have the right as an investor to pursue relief.

If your broker abused the trust you placed in him; if you were told your investment funds were safely invested, when in fact your investment objectives and risk tolerance were ignored and your funds were subjected to unjustifiable risk; if your broker excessively traded your account; if your broker traded without your authorization, or if your broker controlled your account and misrepresented the nature of the investments made for you, then you require an experienced financial fraud lawyer to consult with and explain your rights that you may have to recover damages for wrongdoing.   That wrongdoing may encompass financial industry breach of fiduciary duty, other misrepresentations, breach of contract, negligence, failure to properly supervise, all types of unauthorized trading, or omission of material facts about your investments.

Eppenstein and Eppenstein’s attorneys are pioneers in securities arbitration methods.  We have also been on the cutting edge of the law, helping shape the course of investment arbitration and litigation as well as being a voice for investors’ rights for over twenty years.  We invite you to check out our Web site at for more information about how we have helped the investing public.  If you have been the victim of investment fraud or suspect mismanagement, feel free to contact us to learn how we can put our dedication, experience and knowledge to work for you in assessing your legal options in these difficult economic times.

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